A pencil study of Jean–Baptiste Carpeaux’s Ugolino and His Sons drawn on-site at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Going through security with drawing supplies is not fun.

Pantheon Magic

A branding proposal for a competitive Magic the Gathering team to be used across broadcast channels and social media.

Meng He Grow Kids logo

A organization founded by Sean Grainger and run completely by volunteers, Grow Kids seeks to build a community where the unique social, emotional, physical, and psychological needs of kids are supported without bias or stereotype. By building self esteem, children are better prepared to learn without extraneous stress and anxiety, which allows them to grow, learn, and support others. Learn more about Sean Grainger’s project.


App icon design for Tweetclass, an app that teaches you how to get the most out of Twitter.

oo-greenbacker00 oo-greenbacker01

Identity design for GreenBacker Group, a diversified investment company that invests in renewable energy.


Tasked with designing a postcard for our Parsons class graduation on top of completing our senior thesis, job interviews, and freelance projects, this is the only family-friendly response.