Hero Hotline

Hero Hotline: Adobe XD Hackathon

How can you make it easier to be a superhero in New York?

I’m thrilled to have been invited with Jett House to join seven other design duos last Thursday to answer this design prompt during Adobe’s ‪#‎CreativeJam‬.

The mission: use Adobe XD to create an interactive iPhone 6 app…in 3 hours.

We’re proud to introduce: Hero Hotline.

When every second counts, only Hero Hotline gives you directions that harness your special ability to get you to your destination through free-running parkour, up shopping mall escalators, down clean chimneys, or swinging from rooftop to rooftop. Please ensure your insurance information is up to date before downloading.

Try our Adobe XD interactive demo.

Thank You

Thank you Liz Schmidt for inviting me to participate, Jesse Boyes for the driving in berserk mode inspiration and introducing me to my partner in crime, Demian Borba and the Adobe XD team for giving us a sneak peek on all of your hard work, the audience for your supporting vote, and my incredible partner Jett House!

See all the incredible work done by the other kickass hand-picked design teams at Brooklyn Creative Jam UX Design.